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This page briefly summarizes the changes in Jstacs. Each release is listed as separate section.


Jstacs 2.2 (released February 12, 2016)

New classes and packages

New features and improvements

  • Major restructuring of Alignment for better efficiency
  • Alignment Costs and StringAlignment now Storable
  • New constructor of DataSet allowing a specified percentage of sequences to mismatch the given alphabet
  • BioJavaAdapter ported to BioJava 1.9
  • XMLParser now also allows for storing Sequences
  • New method for parsing HMMer profile HMMs in HMMFactory
  • Several minor improvements and bugfixes in many classes
  • Improvements of documentation of several classes

Jstacs 2.1 (released Mai 31, 2013)

New classes

New features and improvements


Several minor new features, bug fixes, and code cleanups

Jstacs 2.0 (released February 2, 2012)

Jstacs 2.0 changes many names and the structure of several packages. It is not code-compatible with Jstacs 1.5 and earlier

Restructuring and Renaming

New functionality



  • improved Javadocs in many classes and packages
  • new Cookbook with extensive documentation and explanation


  • output of NonParsableException more verbose
  • Exceptions in multi-threaded code now lead to exit of program instead of only stopping the thread
  • update of RServe/RClient

Jstacs 1.5 (released June 1, 2011)

Jstacs 1.4 (released December 31, 2010)

Jstacs 1.3.1 (released March 2, 2010)

  • Partitioning of Samples including weights
  • Release of Dispom (de-novo discovery of differentially abundant transcription factor binding sites including their positional preference)
  • Several bugfixes

Jstacs 1.3 (released December 2, 2009)

Jstacs 1.2.2 (released April 8, 2009)

  • Bugfix-Release

Jstacs 1.2.1 (released February 19, 2009)

Jstacs 1.2 (released February 2, 2009)

Jstacs 1.1 (released October 29, 2008)

Jstacs 1.0 (released September 8, 2008)

The first version of Jstacs has been released.

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